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To join us for worship at our regular weekly time, Sunday at 9 am, via Facebook Live OR in our building! Please note you do not need to have Facebook to watch online worship, as our page is public. If you cannot make it at 9 am, the video will be posted here on the Our Gatherings page after worship is over for you to watch when you're able. See our Links page for more resources on how to bring faith into your home, for a copy of pastor's sermon, and a link to the day's scripture readings.

From THIS SUNDAY through the foreseeable future, we are adding the option to worship in person IN our building. Please read the following as you prepare to worship together indoors in the time of a global pandemic:

- Face coverings are required at all times while at the church. - Social distancing is also required at all times; Please follow the guidance of the ushers to spread out in the sanctuary. - Sanitize in and out of the building. There is hand sanitizer and wipes available at the door and throughout the building. If you sit at a table in the fellowship hall, please wipe down the table/chairs before leaving. - Communion will be available every 2nd and 4th Sunday in individual cups to grab on your way into worship. Please touch only your own and take it to your seat. Gluten free options are also available, please ask the usher. We will take communion together from our own seats and you can drop your empty cup in the trash on your way out of worship. - The library, coat room, nursery, kitchen, and water fountain are all unavailable until further notice. - There will be no fellowship following worship. We ask that you mingle outside if desired. - There will be a table to drop off offering, quarters for the quarter tube, and the worship assistant sheet instead of passing around the plate or having multiple people touching the same surfaces. - We will not be singing or speaking in unison, as these remain some of the most risky activities we can do together in the time of COVID, which is most commonly spread through respiratory droplets/airborne transmission. - We will aim to keep worship at 30 minutes or less, as being indoors does not allow for good air ventilation.

In this time of global pandemic, our first priority is loving our neighbor. By following these guidelines and restrictions, we are not only loving ourselves, but also loving one another and prioritizing each other’s health and wellbeing.

Office Hours:

Office Hours: Amanda is in the office during her regular hours MWF 9am to Noon, and the building is now open to the public. In order to continue to love our neighbor during the time of global pandemic, face coverings are required and we ask that you sanitize in and out of the building at all times. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this time.

Ways to contact us:

Pastor Paris currently does not have established office hours as every day looks different from the next, but she is of course available via email, phone, or a socially distanced visit Sunday through Thursday. Pastor is also available Friday/Saturday for emergencies. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any needs that may arise. We are in this together.

Seeds of Faith Map

798 Brenneman Lane,

PO Box 25,

Lisbon, Iowa


Food Pantry Collection:

We might not be gathering in person every week for awhile, but it is still important to us that our neighbors are fed! The Food Pantry Challenge will continue with you making direct donations to SELCC, all you have to do is call before you drop items off. You could also make a financial donation by mailing a check to PO Box 511, Lisbon, IA 52253 or give online at selinn.org.

Items they need: laundry soap, dish soap, women's deodorant, instant rice, instant potatoes, canned chunky soups, canned beans, jello or pudding.

www.selinn.org M-F: 9 AM to 4 PM 319-455-2844

108 S Washington St., Lisbon IA

A Statement of the Seeds of Faith Lutheran Church Council Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

In response to the social unrest and cries for racial justice in our nation, Seeds of Faith, in compliance with the Southeastern Iowa Synod Council and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:

Condemn racism, white supremacy, and all acts of injustice against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Seeds of Faith is committed to the love and welcome of all people. Jesus’ love was and is unconditional for the whole world and God asks us to love in this same way. Therefore, Seeds is dedicated to the long-haul process of dismantling racism and white supremacy from our lives, our communities, and our nation’s systems and institutions.

For more specific information, please click on the page entitled "What We Believe."