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Wednesday Words on Discipleship - Seeking justice and peace in the world

Each Wednesday Pastor is posting a video on our Facebook Page to engage with you about what it means to live out our baptismal call as disciples of Christ. You will be encouraged to look at and discuss scripture, ELCA documents, and other resources as we navigate our Christian lives in a secular world. We will be talking about the current national issue of systemic racism and white supremacy, but other similar topics as well. You are invited to not only watch the video, but participate in dialogue with pastor and with one another as we journey together the path that Jesus trod. To look at the ELCA social statements and messages in advance to the videos each week click here:

Click here for this week’s video:

While you're there, go to our videos page and check out the first two videos if you’d like to catch up!

Are you interested in engaging more directly? Pastor is considering putting together a book study over ELCA pastor Lenny Duncan’s book Dear Church. The group would meet every two weeks via zoom, tackling a chapter per meeting. If you’d be interested in joining please sign up here (ignore the time/date on the form, we will decide as a group when we want to meet):

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